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It has never been harder to be heard above the crowd, to cut through the noise and reach your customers with good messaging and engaging content that stands out and delivers lasting value.

There is a way, however. The explosion around Artificial Intelligence and Robots is capturing the imagination of the public in a way rarely seen before. If you are looking to create the ‘wow’ factor for your clients or customers at your events, you should be considering the very latest robot technology to help you create a moment your guests will not only never forget but will go away and tell all their friends about. Robot DJs, robot photographers and robot waiters and waitresses are already helping some of the most innovative brands to stand out, generate incredible press and priceless word of mouth that, in turn, generates new business for them.

The latest technology ensures robots for hire can now interact with your guests using facial recognition technology, avoid bumping into them in busy crowds, play music or marketing content, hold conversations and even take drink orders or music requests. The technology of the future is making its mark in the present. This kind of incredible technology is already changing the game when it comes to holding the most memorable events in town.

“It is still so exciting to see the reaction people have to our incredible hire robots when they attend our clients’ events,” a company spokesman said. “That initial look of genuine wonder, of childlike joy is absolutely priceless and we are just delighted that we have the cutting-edge technology that allows our clients to make such an incredible splash for their own brands.

“Our robots can enhance the level of interaction between your guests, they can share information or act as a receptionist to greet your guests – we can tailor our technology to your needs. But what we have seen consistently is that our tech is able to generate incredible worth of mouth and media coverage, which is fantastic for our clients and helps them win new business.”

Companies who are forward-thinking enough to see the opportunities this kind of technology can bring are already out there shaping the future and grasping the incredible marketing value our robots can generate.

If you would like more information on how our robots can help you be heard in a way no one will ever forget, then don’t hesitate to contact the team who will be delighted to tell you more.
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