ServiceRobots Robot Support

Eva Setup Part 1 Video (1:07)
Getting All Items Together for Print Station.

Eva Setup Part 2 Video (3:40)
Connecting Electrical Items up for Print Station.

Eva Setup Part 3 Video (3:02)
Turning Laptop On, and other Peripherals in Print Station, Connecting Laptop to WiFi.
Turning on Robot, and running Robot Software.

Eva Setup Part 4 Video (3:31)
Survey Setup. Navigating/Mapping Robot Locations. Emergency Stop Button

Eva Setup Part 5 Video (3:29)
Testing Roaming Positions, Event Settings, Photo Layouts, Beginning the Robot Roaming.

Eva Setup Part 6 Video (0:44)
Texting, Emailing from the Robot, Overall Settings Options.

Robot Navigation Instructions – PDF (295KB).
Copy Events to USB from Robot. – PDF (516KB)
Video Animation Pack – Adobe Animate CC (6.9) Zip File
Photo Template Example – Adobe Photoshop (11.95MB)
Static Screen Image Example – Adobe Photoshop (9.42MB)