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Eva Setup Part 1 Video (1:07)
Getting All Items Together for Print Station.

Eva Setup Part 2 Video (3:40)
Connecting Electrical Items up for Print Station.

Eva Setup Part 3 Video (3:02)
Turning Laptop On, and other Peripherals in Print Station, Connecting Laptop to WiFi.
Turning on Robot, and running Robot Software.
Eva Turn On revised – 20th October 2022 (3:05)
Updated way to turn Robot on and Mapping Positions.

Eva Setup Part 4 Video (3:31)
Survey Setup. Navigating/Mapping Robot Locations. Emergency Stop Button

Eva Setup Part 5 Video (3:29)
Testing Roaming Positions, Event Settings, Photo Layouts, Beginning the Robot Roaming.

Eva Setup Part 6 Video (0:44)
Texting, Emailing from the Robot, Overall Settings Options.

Printer Setup  (1:49)
Removing and Adding a Printer on Laptop.

Pausing/Resuming Printer (0:49)
How to Pause the printer, cancel all files waiting to Print and Resume Printer.

TeamViewer Quick Support Download (Android)

How to Run or Install TeamViewer Quick Support (Android).

Alternative Instructions from TeamViewer 

NOTE: It is Important to Contact Support Before Unboxing or Using your Robot

Robot Navigation Instructions – PDF (295KB).
Copy Events to USB from Robot. – PDF (516KB)
Video Animation Pack – Adobe Animate CC (6.9) Zip File
Photo Template Example – Adobe Photoshop (11.95MB)
Static Screen Image Example – Adobe Photoshop (9.42MB)

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