September Offer - Service Robots

3 Software Packages in One.

Photography Software Will roam around a room recognising faces and take pictures of your guests.

Survey will like the Photography software roam around asking guests if they would like to fill out a survey live on the Robot’s Screen.  Survey’s are fully customisable and data is stored for retrieval later.
Tour software can act as a guide for reception areas or at events.
Three software packages guaranteeing your Eva Robot will always be in use no matter what the function.

Eva Robot Features

  • Instant Prints
  • Speech Notifications
  • Autonomous
  • Facial Recognition
  • Easily customised to your events
  • Photo layout changes and storage
  • Customise Video playback for your own events
  • Automatic Roaming during event (not controlled!)
  • Smart avoidance system when roaming around rooms
  • Print Photo’s Instantly
  • Text Photo’s from Eva Photography Robot*
  • Email Photo’s from Eva Photography Robot
  • Smart map building
  • Infrared Sensors to achieve precise indoor navigation and obstacle avoidance
  • Frequent back-end updates
  • Tour sound and video playback to educate your guests about where they are being taken as well as when they arrive.
  • Customisable Survey Software for any event. Can be customised during an event it’s that easy to use.
  • Survey branding can be customised
  • Tour Branding can be customised and programmed with ease.

    * Requires a Twilio account for Texting.

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