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Drostbooth is a small photobooth rental company in Holland. Since mid 2019 we have a Amy Robot Photobooth. We have used her at events in the higher class. Like big corporate events, musea and classy party’s. Amy is very easy to set up, installation will take less then a half an hour, after setup she can easily run up to 8 ours before charging. The photo’s are good quality and can be printed or upload to social media immediately. Our concern before buying the robot was the support, al our other photobooths are build by our self en we can solve errors easily. But the support from service robots is very good. If we have any problem with the robot we can email the support and they will help us to solve the problem. We get frequent updates that will be installed by the support team with use of teamviewer. I’m satisfied with the robot photobooth en and the service of service robots. Keep up the good work!

– Jos
Eva Photo Robot Hire