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Robot Receptionist

Robotics is fast becoming an invaluable resource for many a business and a robot receptionist is a great example of why. These advanced machines can perform all the key tasks which a standard human receptionist can, and offer a whole load of added benefits on top. If you want to place your business at the cutting-edge in your sector, then they are a great idea.

But what specific benefits does hiring or buying one of these robots deliver?

Stand out from the crowd

All businesses want to stand out from the crowd and have something unique to attract people’s attention with. An Information Centre Robot is perfect for this as most people will not have seen one before.

Whether you use it at an event or in your normal work setting, it is sure to impress anyone who sees it. Over time, this will help to draw more people to your business and help you move ahead of competitors.

A truly interactive solution

One of the real benefits of using this technology is how interactive it is. This allows your robot receptionist to engage in a welcoming way with your customers and make them feel at home.

This sort of robot is also fully customisable so you can add your own brand to it or anything else you like. Robots like these never get tired, stressed or irritable either as human receptionists can at times.

They simply carry on working to your instructions and deliver the same outstanding service to anyone who interacts with them.

Robot Hire

Robot receptionists can help gather data

Another key reason to use a robotic receptionist is the efficient and consistent way they can collect valuable data for you to use. Robots like this work in a GDPR compliant way and will always stick to the relevant guidelines.

As well as gathering data, these information robots are also adept at providing it to customers. They can be set-up to show any promotions via their large touchscreen or print off vouchers. This allows for basic tasks to be performed quicker and for human staff to focus on other, more complex issues.

No sick leave or days off

As with all robotic workers, these robots never need breaks or time off. They also never get ill or require paid sick leave. When combined together, this not only helps cut operating costs but also means productivity is actually increased.

With an Information Centre Robot in place, you will find that you get more done and with a more consistent level of service. These robots even have in-built sensors to avoid bumping into customers when moving around!

Get in touch today for robot hire or purchase

Finding the bet robot for sale or to hire is not hard if you get in touch with us today. Our robotic receptionists are fully interactive and customisable along with offering great value for money.

Call today for more details on how the attention and attraction these robots offer can help your business.

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