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Robot Photography

Photo booths are old news; robot photographers are in!

People love images. Which is why almost two billion pieces of visual media are uploaded to the internet every day!

Pictures are now used for a multitude of different purposes, but primarily to capture and share the best moments of our day.
If you don’t take a photograph, did it really happen?

For event organisers and venue managers, providing guests and delegates with a chance to take photographs is now essential. At the very least it involves creating props and backdrops for them to use. Others find photo booths to hire, as these were previously seen as a creative and fun option.

Plug into your guests love for photographs, with new technology

Why follow the crowd with a standard photo booth, when you can go the extra mile with an unforgettable robot photographer!

Robot photo booths from Service Robots are easy to use and highly affordable to hire for one day or for much longer.

If your organisation can see multiple advantages and long term uses for your autonomous photo booth technology (with its human-like features) it makes great commercial sense to invest in owning one.

Not least as they are incredibly versatile.

Traditional photo booth v robot photographer

Unlike props for photo booths, which tend to be all about being silly and playful, a robot photobooth can be used for any situation.

Also, booking a photo booth for a special occasion, conference or event gives you a static point for guests to queue up and pose for pictures. They go away armed with snaps from their day, that represent great memories and souvenirs. Some photo booths offer the opportunity to upload and share images online too.

Now contrast that with a robot photo booth.

For one thing, your robot photographer moves around, getting people talking and interacting with them around the whole room. Smart technology and AI programming make their movements assured and safe.

Your robot photo booth is fast and efficient in taking photographs and can send them to print instantly or enable social media sharing seamlessly.

Get your guests snapping and talking

Your guests and delegates go away with more than just memories in picture form. They also take away a fabulous impression of your organisation as a forward-thinking and innovative business.

They will talk about your robot photo booth to friends and family, and when they share the images online they will be far more inclined to provide positive reviews.

In fact, the experience of interacting with your robot photo booth may well be even more unforgettable than the images it provides!

So, don’t just hire automatic equipment to take pictures at your next event, or in your venue. Instead, hire the latest inactive and highly entertaining robot photo booth, to create images and boost your brand image at the same time!

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