Hire From £65.00 per day

Hire Franka Emika Panda Robot for £65.00 per Day.

The Panda Robotic Arm (7 Axis) has been used in Various TV Series due to it’s futuristic look and feel as well as for Photography events used via Remote Control for Taking Pictures.
It’s also featured in a Advert for Fifa 19!

MiR (Mobile Industrial Robot) are work hours transportation and logistical robots freeing up staff resources and helping to reduce costs.

Hire a MiR Robot from £65.00 per day.

Hire the Universal Robots Arm from £65.00 per day.

UR Robotic Arms have been used in a few TV Series including Midsummer Murders.
It provides a very versatile and easy to use interface to help interact with it’s environment.

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