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Why hire a robot receptionist?

Most organisations need someone on the frontline to greet their clients, customers, vendors, or anyone else that’s visiting the premises.

First impressions are essential, so well-trained, friendly, and accommodating receptionists are key members of the team.

But what if this important employee was a robot? What are the advantages of having a machine meet and greet your collaborators and customers?

What robot receptionists can do

Many might think that the human touch was essential, but in fact, robot receptionists account for more than 40% of humanoid robot sales.

This is because – perhaps surprisingly – they are incredibly versatile. A robot receptionist can perform a whole range of tasks, including:

  • Greeting visitors and asking them about the nature of their visit.
  • Alerting employees that their appointments have arrived.
  • Leading visitors to the correct room or floor.

Robot receptionists also have numerous benefits in high security or hazardous environments, where they can:

  • Automatically create, personalise, and print visitor passes.
  • Issue general safety instructions or directions around the facility.
  • Indicate requirements and the location of any necessary safety gear.
  • Play health and safety videos.

However, artificially intelligent receptionists aren’t all business; you can also program personal touches like friendly greetings or prepare a coffee with a Wi-Fi-enabled coffee machine.

In high-tech businesses, this novel welcome shows visitors they’ve arrived at a highly sophisticated, cutting-edge company.

Is a robot receptionist cost-effective?

A robot receptionist offers amazing flexibility in comparison to their human counterparts. Whereas humans require holidays, sick days, and coffee breaks, a robot receptionist can work around-the-clock 365 days a year.

Moreover, employers save an extraordinary amount in national insurance and pension contributions.

Although the initial investment may be comparable to a human salary, on average, artificially intelligent receptionists can save organisations up to 66% per year over a three-year period.

What does this mean for human labour?

Understandably, some employers – and indeed unions – are nervous about the impact on human jobs.

However, automation need not be seen as a threat. Instead, both employees and management should see it as an incredible opportunity to help staff reach their full potential. For instance, many receptionists have multi-faceted roles.

Beyond greeting visitors, many have administrative or accounting responsibilities. Automated receptionists take care of the more mundane aspects of the receptionist’s role, so talented team members can focus more attention on complex tasks.

Further to this, artificial intelligence has numerous benefits from an HR and upskilling perspective. In the presence of sophisticated technologies, employees need to learn how to maintain and manage this equipment.

This gives them an amazing opportunity to diversify their skills in a way that’s relevant to the contemporary workplace

Automate your team

Robot receptionists have a whole host of benefits.

With a wide range of capabilities and settings, a robot receptionist can take care of every aspect of your company’s welcome, whether it’s health and safety instructions or a hot coffee.

With an artificially intelligent welcome, organisations can save money and unleash the full potential of their human workforce.

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