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As more Restaurants opt to use Robot hire to deliver both their food orders and drinks, the market continues to expand.  Dina Dish Delivery Robot is one new concept which will deliver hot food to customers saving cost, manpower and improving efficiency.

The Dish delivery Robot uses a cloud brained system for information and processing such as map management, route planning and updating Menu’s.

The system comes complete with a three layer tray each capable of loading up to 10kg. The system also has auto docking and one time multi point transportation.

There are already many models on the market that are often referred to as Robot Waitress or delivery Robot and many of them are finding their way into many establishments including restaurants, Airports and shopping Malls.

The Dish delivery robot saves time efficiently by reducing the amount  of staff needed to serve and it can also display coupons, adverts and mobile Ad’s via a HD Touch screen.

The system is carried with multiple sensors and can be autonomously positioned in various locations.  The delivery robot has deep optimization of the obstacle avoidance algorithm.

The system can perceive the real time environmental changes around it and will bypass obstacles in any planning path. It will autonomously select the best optimal route back to ensure a human reliable experience.

An increasing amount of service providers such as restaurants and airports are implementing Robot waitress’s into their establishments to provide a faster, more accurate and pleasurable experience with great success.

This also greatly reduces staffing costs as well as ensuring accuracy and reliability when providing a good service.

Take The First Step In Reducing Operation Costs, Upgrading Flow Of Work and Taking A Step Into The Future.


Size: 1570 x 456 x 1280

Speed: 0-0.7m/s

Battery Capacity: 20Ah

Max Load: 30kg

Endurance time: ~10h

Charging Time: ~8h

Screen Size: 10.1″

Dina Delivery Robot

Start Implementing Dina Into Your Business, They Are Available For But Not Limited To;

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Business Offices
  • Commercial Real Estates
  • Airports
  • Banks
  • Care Homes/Nursing Homes/Residential Homes

Automatic Delivery · Automatic Navigation · Self Recharge · Automatic Obstacle Avoidance · Three Layer Tray · Mobile Adverts

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