Chinese Restaurants Replacing Waiters With Robots

Chinese Restaurants Replacing Waiters With Robots

Restaurants in China have been replacing waiters with robots, however this has long been the case. Infact since 2006 robots have been used as waiters and whilst some have been better than others, they prove to be cheaper than human waiting staff. The upfront cost of approximately $1,200 per robot works out more cost efficient than an average servers salary for a couple of months.

In China, robots have been a huge hit due to their novelty factor. It is this novelty and fun factor that drives the customer visits into the restaurants. We have seen in the service industry that its all about the experience. While some may argue about the efficiency and ethicality of robots, they can’t deny the attention they bring to the hospitality sector- and with this attention comes the consumer who will visit the restaurant just for the novelty of the robot.

Service Robots are have been designed to do the tasks waitresses/receptionists and other hospitality staff can do. These robots are advanced on artificial intelligence and have the ability to hots, guide and converse with people. are excited at what service robots can bring to the UK. We may not be ready to bull dozenth market with robots like our far eastern counterparts, however robots are a great way to engage with your customers, clients and visitors. Whether you own a restaurant, a hotel, a bar or even hosting an event or exhibition, robots can be the ultimate feature that will gain a social following from all the buzz they bring.

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