The Rise Of Service Robots.

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In the past Robots have purposely been kept separate from humans but Robots are now increasingly sharing our workspaces with great success.   Amazon is just one example of where up to 200,000 Robot pickers work alongside hundreds of thousands of Human staff.


In the hospitality Industry, technology is taking on a new role with many Restaurants installing humanoid Robots within their establishments. The Amy Waitress is one such Robot which is gaining in popularity not only for its usefulness but to add considerably to the Customer experience.  The Amy waitress will roam autonomously, serve drinks and take food orders.


Global sales for service Robots has increased dramatically over the last couple of years and with the recent pandemic, the Robots have appeared in many more establishments. The Future of delivery Robots and service Robots has been greatly influenced by recent conditions and although changes have been incredibly disruptive initially, many establishments are now finding that new ways of doing things are actually more profitable and work better.


Service Robots including delivery and waitress Robots are not only delivering foods within establishments but they will also take food orders and interact with guests greatly improving the customers overall experience.


Many other robots are being used in the kitchens to cook, prepare and plate food whilst others will clean floors and surfaces on a regular basis.


The UV Robot has also seen increased sales and many establishments including Hospitals, shopping centre’s, Care Homes and Airports are now using them to thoroughly clean high risk areas. The UV Robot is incredibly successful at damaging the DNA within Bacteria and microorganisms and greatly reduces the risk of contamination.


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