Barney, The Bartender Robot, Is Ready To Shake Cocktails

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Barney is different from the typical Swiss bartender. Barney is completely automated and creates a variety of cocktails, and is even a joker.

Designer F & P Robotics says it has seen a rise in demand for “The Barney Bar” and is hoping it will become popular with bars, hotels and retail stores seeking to limit the amount of contact between people both during and after an outbreak of coronavirus.

Barney mixes 16 varieties of spirits and 8 different sodas for those who place orders using the mobile phone, and also serving prosecco and beer. The robot, which can wash his robotic arm, will inform customers that they can drink their beverage on an enormous video screen in the bar.

A barista-style version that makes different types of coffee is also being developed. Both versions are loaded with conversations which means that Barney could make “jokes” about being offered the role in the newest Terminator film, for example.

“We are getting quite a bit of interest,” Chief Sales Officer Gery Colombo said to Reuters. “We think Barney can be a fun attraction, that can bring people to a bar because he’s constantly moving and is so different.”

The expected customers including hotels and restaurants initially were not in a buying mood due to the financial crisis, it is changing slowly, Colombo said. Each model is priced at $130,719.

“We receive a double amount of inquiries as compared to the previous year. This could be an advantage for clients who require a barman who is available all day, and serve the drinks that customers desire and also reduce human interaction,” he said.

Zurich company Zurich firm, that manufactures the robot and the programming software for it, has sold the robots for sale to China and Oman in which the mocktail-making robot is in a shopping center.

Other businesses in Europe along with Asia are developing robot bartenders, however it’s not clear if they’ll ever replace human bartenders.

“We can’t say what the gastronomy industry will look like in a few years, but we are convinced robotics will play a part,” Colombo said. Colombo.


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