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How Do UVC Robots Work In The Fight Against Viruses And Bacteria.

Specialist Robotics Companies especially those specializing in the production and supply of UVC Robots have seen a massive increase in interest and sales over the last 12 months. The autonomous and self-driving machines will navigate around specific rooms killing bacteria and microorganisms with ultraviolet light. Many are pre -programmed and mapped to specific locations and […]

Service Robots In The Hospitality Industry.

Robots in hospitality are becoming much more prevalent, improving the customer experience but also helping Restaurants to adapt to the new norm we are now living in.   Some 50 years ago, the idea of robots within the hospitality sector would have been laughed at and certainly dismissed but today with advancements in technology including […]

Service Robots Are Finding A Home In The Restaurant Industry.

Restaurants and smaller food outlets have learned to become innovative during the recent crisis and many of them including the bigger chains have invested in their already existing take away services whilst 0thers have introduced a new system which means although they can’t welcome sit down guests, they can still provide customers with their favorite […]

ServiceRobots.com Winners Of The Lloyds Artificial Intelligence business Award.

ServiceRobots.com have worked within the service Robots industry for 6 years, supplying service Robots within the UK and worldwide. Service Robots include Amy Waitress, Dexter delivery Robots and Amy Photography Robots. The Company had done exceedingly well within the Robotics market and a great start to 2020 but like many Companies this year, struggled to […]

The Rise Of Service Robots.

In the past Robots have purposely been kept separate from humans but Robots are now increasingly sharing our workspaces with great success.   Amazon is just one example of where up to 200,000 Robot pickers work alongside hundreds of thousands of Human staff.   In the hospitality Industry, technology is taking on a new role with […]