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Setting Up a Business is About Freedom, Not Money

Running a successful business is the most effective way of making big money. Even if you don’t make it big as an entrepreneur, you’ll likely make significantly more money than what you do as an employee under another entrepreneur. Ironically, that’s one of the wrong reasons for starting your own business! The right reason – […]

6 Main Ethical Concerns Of Robots In The Service Industry

The ethical issues of robots working in the service sector To maximize the efficiency of robots, we suggest companies take note of the following ethical issues: Social Cues: Accordingto the results of this study as a robotic system exhibits social cues, the more likely users desire to use it. So, robots must provide an experience that […]

HealthCare Robots: Challenges of Adoption & Deployment

Robots have a huge potential for helping older people. But fully autonomous robots capable of taking over a nurse or caregiver are some distance away. The developers face three distinct types of problems in the adoption of robots and their deployment. Technological Challenges: Advancements in artificial intelligence sensors, actuators, embedded computing, and techniques for controlling have dramatically […]

Healthcare Robotics: The Opportunity and Challenges

The use of robotics in healthcare is on the rise. Exoskeletons, new applications, and prosthetics, to nano-robotics and surgical robots, are already flooding the market.  In reality, healthcare robotics is projected to be a US$ 32.5 Billion industry by 2027, with an estimated CAGR of 21.3 percent from 2020 until 2027. The COVID-19 pandemic also highlighted […]

AI Robots & Workforce: Are collaborations possible?

At this particular moment, the usage of robots is healthy; however, the rapid growth of robots has controversies, particularly in areas in which unemployment is very high.  Casual, seasonal, and even some operational personnel in the hospitality sector are most affected by the growth in artificial intelligence. Research conducted by McKinsey indicates that AI has already had […]

Hotel Sector: How Can It Benefit From Service Robots?

Robots have advanced a lot since they first came out, and the roboticization of the sector is increasing quickly as connectivity and technology improve. The introduction of AI in robotics has also created vast opportunities for the hospitality industry, which is now seeing a variety of possibilities to enhance the customer experience and brand recognition […]

Hotel Robots & AI: Implications for the future of the industry?

Do you want an artificial humanoid robot to greet a guest paying in your hotel? Do you think the guest would prefer the convenience and ease of service robots over the warmth and hospitality of a human being?  AI can bring both opportunities and challenges to the hospitality industry. This article reviews the development and the impact […]


Robots could take over jobs and transform the hospitality industry. Imagine walking into the lobby to be greeted by a team robot who will check you in, scan your ID, and verify your identity. Then, they will take your bags and take you to your room. Although the pandemic was characterized by distancing and few touch […]