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Global Market Witnesses Disinfecting Robots Amid COVID-19

Robots have been considered a solution to the workforce and social distancing issues present in the COVID-19 pandemic. Robots have been seen as a way to reduce the need for constant disinfecting to keep areas virus-free. Fetch Robotics announced the release its SmartGuardUV mobile disinfection robot. It was developed in collaboration with Piedmont National (a supplier […]

Emerging Robots For The Handling Of Food Products

Manufacturers are developing robots that can handle unpacked food, creating new direct and indirect handling opportunities. Until recently, robots in the food and beverage industries were used for secondary and tertiary packaging tasks. They could not have met the requirements for direct food contact. Manufacturers are developing robots that can handle unpacked goods, and then […]

Are Service Robotics the Future of Home Automation?

Robots that frequently interact with humans might appear to be a vision in the distant future. However, in reality, robots are already impacting our lives. Robots can perform various tasks previously carried out by human workers, particularly in the commercial and manufacturing industries.   Robots perform a variety of dangerous jobs that are repetitive in such […]

What’s The Difference Between Industrial Robots and Service Robots?

The main difference between Industrial Robots and Service Robots is that Industrial Robots are widely used in manufacturing industries and factories to perform dangerous tasks. For carrying out human tasks, service robots are primarily used in offices and homes. The recent advances in robotics have left many questions unanswered. It is tempting to ask questions like, […]

Top 4 Benefits of Service Robots to Humanity

Service robots are regularly relieved by humans of their duties in various environments and settings. Although they have different uses across various sectors, they have the same benefits. This includes: Safety The most important reason businesses use robotic service machines is to increase the safety of workers. Certain service robots are employed to complete dangerous tasks while […]

Robotic Service Providers: What Are They?

Service robots provide various kinds of human-provided services. The application of robots in the service sector involves performing tedious tasks, dirty, murky tasks, dismal, lengthy remote, dangerous, or repetitive work. Service robotics is different from industrial robots used to automatize manufacturing processes in terms of their purpose and appearance. Following the International Organization for Standardization, according […]

Robot Waiters: What Restaurants Need to Know

Since the COVID-19 outbreak began last year, one of the significant challenges that restaurants face (beyond closings and restrictions regarding the service) is staffing. A shortage of labor in the restaurant industry has resulted in numerous issues, including long wait times and miserable customers. This has led some owners of restaurants to come up with […]

Why Robots Will Revolutionise Restaurants

With the global market for industrial robots growing every year, it comes as no surprise that robots are slowly making their mark in different industries. In the hospitality sector, automation and labour saving are already in place, making a difference in many restaurants around the world. Cobots, advanced robots that work alongside humans, are ideal […]