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Robot photographer leaves traditional magic mirrors and photobooths standing

Servicerobots.com have released a new robot which provides photo and survey capabilities in one. Eva, the new service robot, is able to move around a venue and locate guests using an advanced facial recognition system. She then asks if guests would like their photo taken, providing lots of fun options, like a magic mirror, to […]

Robot Hire

4 reasons every event manager should hire a robot Event management is often cited as one of the most stressful professions. And for good reason. The profession involves juggling multiple tasks, writing and checking countless lists and ensuring that everything runs smoothly, safely and to the agreed deadline. Unsurprisingly, more and more event managers are […]

Service robots are the next big opportunity for rental businesses

The photo booth industry is about to be shaken up by the arrival of Eva the photography robot. Eva is a mobile photography robot from Servicerobots.com and she is part of the robot revolution that is sweeping the rental industry. Photo booths have been a popular rental for events for many years and with good […]

Why is it a perfect time for your business to start renting robots?

The robot revolution is well and truly here – technology is progressing at a consistent pace, which means robotics are only going to become a bigger and bigger part of our lives. As more and more businesses begin to understand how robots can help them, the demand is sure to continue to rise. This is […]

Why hire our robots as a business

The world of robotics is advancing at a consistent rate – technology is progressing to the point where robots offer a range of practical services for a wide variety of businesses. Traditionally, robotics has been seen as a useful, but cost prohibitive, addition to a business – but this is no longer true! Our service […]

3 ways a robotic waitress is a handy addition to any restaurant or venue

A robot waitress may sound like a sterile addition to any restaurant or dining experience, but they are taking the hospitality world by storm. Initially, restaurant owners and chefs were apprehensive about the automated technology, but as robot waitresses are becoming more popular, those who have invested in them are reaping the benefits. A robot […]