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Service robots: the face of the future for home and business

Service robots: the face of the future for home and business As 2019 continues to gather momentum, it’s impossible to miss the fact that service robots are now an increasingly common part of everyday life; ranging from home use, professional equipment rentals, and much more. So, what service robots are increasingly in demand and what […]

Hire a robot for your next conference

Are you stuck for ideas about how to make your brand stand out at an upcoming trade show or conference? A humanoid robot may be just what you’re looking for. Whilst colourful banner stands and branded freebies such as sweets, pens, and t-shirts have been conference staples for years now, they are starting to lose […]

Why you should hire Eva Photo Robot for your next event

Robot hire is a superb way to make your event or show go with a bang. Robotics are still new and exciting for a lot of people, what could cause more of a stir than having your very own branded robot that guests can actually interact with? Enter Eva Photography Robot  Cutting edge technology RoboThespian […]

Why robots are the future of corporate events.

Corporate events can be stressful as a manager, and the last thing you need is to be wondering whether your customers or clients are receiving the best possible service. But what if you had the perfect team member that was programmed to deliver the best customer service without fault? Our Sanbot model is the perfect […]

What is ROI?

Like everything in life, business has its own jargon that everyone involved needs to understand. If you are to succeed in any industry, you must understand how businesses work, and understanding the jargon is an important component of this. One such piece of jargon is ‘Return on Investment‘ (ROI). In a nutshell, this means the […]

Robot Hire as a business

Novelty entertainment is an absolute essential at celebrations of many different types. From weddings and birthday parties through to team-building events, corporate dinners and fund-raisers, having a feature or entertainment that’s a little different and exciting is always an advantage. If you thought a chocolate fountain or a photobooth was the way to go, you’re […]