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Why a robot photographer is a great feature at a wedding

Technology is predicted to revolutionise future wedding days, helping to make the special day extra special and unforgettable. According to the 2018 Bridebook wedding report, technology is becoming an integral part of the wedding celebrations and 11% of couples hope to ‘wow’ their guests with social media content and advanced technology. Photographs are a central […]

Sanbot success stories: who’s using robots?

Sanbot success stories: who’s using robots? In the UK, while robots have been a staple of factories for decades, their arrival in public-facing roles has taken longer than might have been expected. However, this delay may be partially due to cultural reasons, since service robots have been meeting the public’s needs across China and beyond […]

Robot Waitress For Hire

Robot waitresses are not about replacing jobs but enhancing the dining experience Adding a robot waitress to a restaurant is not about replacing jobs but shifts the focus of human staff from running around delivering food to concentrating on delivering great customer service. Even in smaller restaurants, servers can walk many miles in a shift, […]

Robot photographer leaves traditional magic mirrors and photobooths standing

Servicerobots.com have released a new robot which provides photo and survey capabilities in one. Eva, the new service robot, is able to move around a venue and locate guests using an advanced facial recognition system. She then asks if guests would like their photo taken, providing lots of fun options, like a magic mirror, to […]

Robot Hire

4 reasons every event manager should hire a robot Event management is often cited as one of the most stressful professions. And for good reason. The profession involves juggling multiple tasks, writing and checking countless lists and ensuring that everything runs smoothly, safely and to the agreed deadline. Unsurprisingly, more and more event managers are […]