AI Robots & Workforce: Are collaborations possible?

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At this particular moment, the usage of robots is healthy; however, the rapid growth of robots has controversies, particularly in areas in which unemployment is very high. 

Why is Artificial Intelligence so important in hotels? ...

Casual, seasonal, and even some operational personnel in the hospitality sector are most affected by the growth in artificial intelligence.

Research conducted by McKinsey indicates that AI has already had a significant impact on the workplace; however, it’s not the only mega-technological trend shaping our future work. 

Trends like remote work, e-commerce, and continuing automation could mean more than 100 million workers might need to find a different occupation by 2030 – roughly the same as the populations of Canada and Italy combined, the company stated in its report August 2021.

Getting Service Robots and Customers To Co-Exist

Alibaba opens its first hotel operated by robots - English | Hospitality ON

Additionally, a crucial issue must be answered How can customers adjust to this new trend?

Are they expecting or requesting their service to be offered by robots? 

Do they desire to be greeted by smiley humans? This question isn’t sure to be answered at this point.

For some guests to accept the introduction of AI-powered service robots, they must be capable of demonstrating compassion and communicating with guests with them, which remains an important technological issue. 

However, an entirely new generation of travelers is becoming increasingly comfortable with the seamless service experience that humans do not man. The future could be a mix of both.

How Artificial Intelligence Impacts the Hotel Industry?

It wouldn’t be surprising to see that robots for service were alternative selection criteria for guests looking to pick a place to stay. 

In reality, some hotels or chains could use robots to stand out and draw in specific guests.

There is no doubt that luxury hotels will continue to focus on human interactions to maintain an attractive and superior service. 

In other kinds of hotels, where human interactions are not as important, the robots can perform the task.


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